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Hockley Chamber of Trade

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The Hockley Chamber of Trade is an association which provides support to existing business enterprise around the Hockley area. This chamber of commerce helps business to grow by promoting their trade locally and internationally while close working with a network of registered members so each of their products will be equally endorsed to the community and therefore allowing each of these business to grow and succeed.

The Hockley Chamber of Trade is also tied up with Rayleigh and Rochford Chambers of Commerce so all of the business establishments around these neighboring areas would prosper. These 3 Chambers serves as the bridge between the local trade to the business community so that SME’s (small and medium enterprise) will have a chance to sell their products in both local and national markets.

The chambers of trade for these areas in the UK are strongly working for the welfare of the local business. They cover many industries from arts and craft, clothing and accessories, ITE and electronics, food and beverages, financial services, flowers and gifts, health and personal care, home and garden, professional services, toys, sports and hobbies, and a lot more. They build strong partnerships with several public and private sectors to promote locally made products to other places in the country while practical and reliable support to its members.

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Furthermore, these chambers also serve as a platform for different business to communicate efficiently and allowing members an opportunity to work hand in hand in reaching a common goal. So whether you have a laundry, manpower services, arts and crafts, plumbing and water softener installation services, or even custom clothing you can be assured of finding potential partners through its network of members and work with them to promote your different businesses effectively.

The Hockley Chamber of Trade is also liked to the Rochford District Council and the Federation of Small Businesses or FSB so each of the local traders will be given an equal chance to advertise and sell their products and services to the community and all the other areas in the country.

So if you are having a business in the Rochford District or is planning to start a new one soon, be sure to register to Hockley Chamber of Trade and allow this association to be your doorway in reaching new business opportunities.

Do check out this website for more information on the benefits of being a Hockley Chamber of Trade member and the events that you can take part of.